Home is where the heart can laugh

No one tells us what it’s going to be like to have a baby.

Everyday is a new day with challenge, worrying & tiredness but also with a lot of fun, happiness, motivation & love.
I admitted that parents today are exhausted. We are trying to do it all.

It’s not easy to keep up with day-to-day parents’responsibility & coordinate my baby’s life to make sure he had the good caring & love from both parents.
🍓We came to parenting with knowing nothing & try to learn everything. We did experienced many new things for the first time like sleep deprivation for months but always showing up energized body all day; having dinner at 10:00pm with the dim light after baby well sleeping; the rarely having a single moment to ourselves even to pee; very high emotion controling requirements with a patience to understand a cry, a tantrum, much less take a shower and wash your hair & worry much about someone’s eating, sleeping & even his poop😅And there are many that we guess all parents already knew.
🍓 However, we feel very blessed to be parents. We got a love unlike one we’ve known, more than your self love or couple’s love that we can spend our whole life to make him a happy life. We learned about the strengths that we didn’t know we had, deeply understood meanings of the words sacrifice, patience & resilience. We know that we’re not strong but we have to learn to be strong to deal with fears. We learn to accepting ourselves, both good and bad sides & improving day by day. We know that there’re many conflicts, agurment in our marriage life but at the end of the day, we love each other, love Gau & believe we can help each other better everyday. Together we are delivering the toughest & the most wonderful job-“being parents”.

Over 3 years, we know there’re still many goals we haven’t achieved yet but we did tried to make a happy home for you, our beloved son. Thanks for teaching us many wonderful things in parenting journey, give us a chance to build our own home & make us feel grateful everyday🥰
Life’s unpredictable my beloved son. We can’t promise to you a really rich physical life but we will try our best to give you a home where you’re absolutely loved with all our heart, raised with all our efforts & always be yourself.


One thought on “Home is where the heart can laugh

  1. nicely expresssed but surely do not forget your own personality and surely raise your kids with love and care which he will surely show you in the later years. It is love , love and only the language of love the younger kids recognize and they surely reflect the same when they grow up

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