Live in peace

I’ve just finished a quick 30 minutes online call with my old coachee who has psychology illness to calm her down with a lot of negative emotion bursting. As the coaching rules, I know that I should not involve cause I’m not the therapist, but as the human being I have to do it.
After the call, I spent few quiet minutes to contemplate what’s happening around. We live in chaos. I see disease & sickness, hatred & addictions, political craziness, people who are swallowed up by this chaotic world with selfishness, anger, anxiety & fear… After seeing those, how can we live in peace?
💐Rejoice: there’re always reasons to rejoice in what has happened to us & what’s happening. Things always happen for reasons.
💐 Be mindful & understand your emotions: It can save you from being bothered by unpleasant emotions that wasting your time & energy.
💐 Keep positive attitude: it’s not what happens to you but how you react.
💐Be kind: To yourself & others cause you will never know when will be the last time you can do it.
💐And love more like a kid does. My threenager (a new word I learnt today to call my 3 yo baby lol) has never asked me “If I love you, will you love me back, mommy?”
“To love & to be loved” is humanity.

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