Certificate Bytedance Mentor after 4 months journey

Finishing 4 months mentorship journey with lots of sharing & valuable lessons with 3 mentees. An interesting thing is that in these 3 mentees, there is a Vietnamese in Malaysia, 1 person is Indonesian & the last one is Singaporean.

Although we were only able to arrange a few short chats during the rare breaks, it was really a very enjoyable experience for both them & me.
I can see myself somewhere in the stories they shared. Hence, the compassion between us can easily overcome the difference in language.

Me & my Indonesian mentee in our wrap up call session in Aug.

In my 20s, I also went through the days of asking myself the same questions and learned that understanding my inner feelings, calling those emotions with the right attitude, being aware of myself & the outside context will help me to be more self-sufficient and can self-answer most of the questions.
Thanks my mentees to let me have the chance to be a listener who you can trust & share your stories in the busy working life. All I did supported them was just returning to them the questions that I can observe, share the feelings I can feel. Hope our journey did brought them some hint to get the clarity in their mind & build up self-awareness. The most beautiful thing that we did became friends through this journey. TGIF ❤
Culture is built up by people & I’m happy to be a part of it by supporting people development.


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